Editing Services

Editing Services

Writing is a lonely endeavor. But it doesn’t have to be. A good support system is crucial to taking your writing to the next level. An experienced editor can help you achieve your writing goals.

Not sure if your manuscript is ready for submission? Can’t figure out why your queries are not generating results? Getting champagne rejections but no requests for fulls?

This is where I come in. I can help with a variety of projects, at almost any stage of the process.

Let me help you give your work-in-process one last line edit, focus your query letter, or find that missing piece from your finished manuscript.

I contract solely through Angelella Editorial and you can learn more about their services here. Or you can fill out an editorial service request with Angelella Editorial here.

Submission Assessments

This is a good option if you are preparing to submit your manuscript somewhere and you want a fresh pair of eyes to take a look at your work to make sure that you have what you need to grab the reader’s attention—and keep it—in the crucial first pages and chapters of your story. See more information here.

Editorial Assessment

If you’ve completed your first rough draft (or second or third), and you’re wondering if you’ve nailed your plot, character, setting, voice, etc., this is the option for you. I’ll help you hone in on where to focus your revision energy. This is best compared to the feedback I provide to the literary agency I read for. See more information here.

Developmental Edit

You’ve written your manuscript and revised it. You’ve had critique partners and beta readers provide feedback and revised it again. You’ve attended conferences, read craft books, and revised a third time. You might be ready for this big-picture edit that will not only improve your manuscript but will also improve your overall writing skills. See more information here.

Substantive Edit

You are the eternal student, always seeking to understand the “why,” not just the “how.” You want that deep dive into your work so that you can rework your manuscript until it positively glows, this is the service for you. The substantive edit takes the developmental edit one step further by offering a second round of editing after receiving your first edit letter. See more information here.

Novel Proofreading

Before you submit your manuscript to an agent or editor, or before you self-publish, have one last pair of eyes look for all the typos and misspellings, including homonyms and homophones. You’d be surprised how often those buggers sneak in after you are certain you’ve eliminated them all. See more information here.

Novel Copyedit

This is the nitty-gritty of grammar. If you are convinced that your novel is good to go, but you aren’t confident about how to use a semi-colon, whether you have dangling participles, or fear you may have misplaced a modifier or two, this is the option for you. See more information here.

Novel Line Edit

Once you’ve completed the macro editing of a developmental or substantive edit, think of the line edit as the elephant gun in your editing arsenal. In this service, I pore over your manuscript to fix continuity problems, style issues, inconsistencies in the timeline, word choice, and more. This is as intense as it gets, my friends.  See more information here.

Query & Synopsis Guidance

Your manuscript is ready with a neat little bow on it. But you struggle with the right tone for your query letter and can’t seem to trim your synopsis down to size. What should you leave in? What should you take out? Together we’ll zero in on what agents and editors are looking for. See more information here.

Picture Book Edit

Whether you have a fiction, non-fiction, or rhyming picture book, every word counts. Make sure you have tight prose, elegant page turns, and outstanding story within your 500-to-1000-word manuscript. See more information here.

Author Coaching

As much as we may love writing, sometimes we need someone to keep us accountable and making progress. Other times, we bump up against our limitations, whether in a specific craft area or in just figuring out how to move forward with a project. An author coach helps guide you through these challenges. See more information here. 

Create Your Own Service

Don’t see a service that suits your needs? Want to combine services? Contact me to discuss what you’re looking for and we will create a customized editorial package together.