Picture Books

Have you made the best use of the 32-page layout? Are your page turns intuitive? Have you left enough room in the text for the illustrator to add his/her own take on the story? Does the protagonist have agency? How are your rhyme and meter? These are only a sampling of the many craft-related topics we could address together.

My approach to picture books is to first determine what age group you are writing for, then your intended category (fiction, non-fiction, rhyme, etc.). Because picture books can take on many forms, you and I will work together to determine the scope of my work.

Note: I am not an illustrator, so I am not able to comment on illustrations, but I will work with author/illustrators on the text portion of a manuscript.

Prices start at $150 minimum.

All prices are subject to change and are based on word count and a variety of other factors, to be discussed between client and service provider before any contracts are signed.