Educational Presentations

Writing is a process, and as such, it is constantly changing, evolving. Or at least, it should be. Even once a manuscript is finished, we say that the writing, not the “wrote,” has been published, suggesting that it is still alive, in a state of growth.

This implies that as authors, we should always be learning in order to take keep up with the constant change of writing. But how are we supposed to take in all the information that’s available to us? It’s so difficult to wade through the websites and webinars and books and journals to figure out what information is credible, and what has been thrown out there by unscrupulous scammers bent on capitalizing on our desire to improve our skills.

My goal is to provide other writers with the tools to help them not only improve their manuscripts, but to learn more about the craft of writing. My background and credentials speak for themselves. But I will always provide references, as well.

Whether you need a speaker for a small gathering or a large conference, are looking for a 45-minute Zoom session or a weekend retreat intensive, I will customize my presentations to suit your needs and will work with you to develop exactly what you are looking for. Want some ideas to jumpstart your creativity? Here are some potential topics:

  • From Brainstorm to Outline: What You Need to Know About Your Story Before You Start Drafting
  • Character Building: Techniques From Marcel Proust to Stephen King
  • Tone, Mood, and Voice: Not Just for Angsty Teens
  • Elements of Desire: What Your Protagonist Wants, Needs, and Doesn’t Even Realize She Is Missing
  • Story, Plot, and Theme: Which One Is Your Elevator/Twitter Pitch?
  • The Art of the Query and the Skill of the Synopsis: A Hands-On Workshop
  • World Building: Your Contemporary Realistic Novel Needs It, Too
  • Tell Me About It: How to Craft Sparkling Dialogue that Feels Authentic

Don’t see something that fits your needs? Not to worry. We can develop a customized presentation just for your group. Email me for details at jaywhistlereditorial AT