Editorial Assessment

Have you written a first draft and you want to find out where to go from here? Are you working on a revision and struggling with plot? Have you finished your manuscript and submitted to agents but keep getting rejections after requests for a full?

Perhaps an editorial assessment is what you need. This service gives you the big-picture look at your manuscript. I provide you with an editorial letter that includes a rubric covering the following elements:

  • Character analysis
  • Setting analysis
  • Plot analysis
  • Voice analysis
  • Pacing analysis
  • Dialogue analysis

With this editorial letter, you will have a road map for how to improve your manuscript at the macro level. Note that this assessment does not include in-line comments via track-changes within the manuscript.

This service takes a minimum of two weeks for me to complete, depending on the length of the manuscript and calendar availability.

Prices start at $.023/word

All prices are subject to change and are based on word count and a variety of other factors, to be discussed between client and service provider before any contracts are signed.