Submission Assessments

Are you preparing to submit your manuscript to an agent, editor, contest, etc.? This might be the service for you. What makes a reader take notice in the first few pages? This assessment looks for all those markers of a standout in the slush pile: engaging opening lines, strong character, distinctive voice, sparkling dialogue, clear stakes, and rising tension. In addition, I will cover basics such as grammar, sentence structure, appropriate word choice for the genre/age group, transitions, continuity, and more.

For this service, you will receive your manuscript with track changes and comments, plus a multi-page rubric that includes the following information:

  • Character analysis
  • Setting analysis
  • Plot analysis
  • Voice analysis
  • Pacing analysis
  • Dialogue analysis

Turnaround time depends on calendar availability.

First 10 Pages

Price: $120

First 50 Pages

Price: $325

The Total Package: First 50 Pages, Query, & Synopsis

Price: $500

All prices are subject to change and are based on word count and a variety of other factors, to be discussed between client and service provider before any contracts are signed.