Query & Synopsis Guidance

Once you have finalized your manuscript, all that’s left is to send it into the world. This is how your project will either find a home or languish in the slush pile forever. You have less than one paragraph to gain an agent or editor’s attention. Writing your query and synopsis is no time to skimp on quality control measures. Even the best manuscript can be ignored because of a bad query letter or synopsis.

What do agents and editors want to see in the query? What is likely to grab their interest? What is sure to turn them off? How much is too much in a synopsis? Should you give away the ending, or leave it as a surprise? Is flap copy the same as a synopsis? I will help you answer these questions and more.

Price for query letter OR synopsis: $170*

Price for query letter AND synopsis: $300*

*includes up to three revisions after the first round of editing

All prices are subject to change and are based on word count and a variety of other factors, to be discussed between client and service provider before any contracts are signed.