Substantive Edit

This includes everything you receive in the developmental edit, plus you have the opportunity to revise based on the edit letter and in-line comments throughout the manuscript and resend for another round of editing. This is the deepest level of editing that I offer.

With the substantive edit, I do expect authors to do homework. If I send you an edit letter with suggested craft books and mentor texts, my hope is that you will study those in order to help improve your writing because my goal is that you become a strong enough writer on your own that you eventually won’t need me. While I love the paycheck, it saves you time and money. But yes, it’s work. So this edit is for those who are truly dedicated to improving their skills.

The first round of editing for this service takes a minimum of four weeks for me to complete, depending on the length of the manuscript and calendar availability.

Prices start at $.04/word

All prices are subject to change and are based on word count and a variety of other factors, to be discussed between client and service provider before any contracts are signed.